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Project 1

“Dreams of McQueen” has been in my head since I fell in love with paper mache and thought it would be fun to combine hard materials with fabric for a crazy take on the red carpet fashion world. We all have art/design heroes and one of mine is the late Alexander McQueen. He used really unexpected materials in his avant garde work and had groundbreaking ideas. I can’t think how many hours in total have gone into this and I probably don’t want to. It becomes something of an obsession and the loved ones of the WOW entrants should probably have their own support group.

“Dreams of McQueen”

The garment has to be interesting from every angle as the audience sit all around the stage and the models also revolve on stage.


It has to work on two levels: to be dramatic from a distance but also stand up to close scrutiny. The judges look at the small detail and my big wish was for the garment to be kept and shown in the museum so this close up view had to work.


The good news is they have retained it at the museum and it should be displayed later this year.

The Undercover Story

Under every big dress there is an even bigger petticoat! Some useful advice from fashion colleagues, a Youtube tutorial and 40m of tulle went into this one.

Never Say Never

I do believe I was caught saying “never again” once I had finished the entry. But, after the excitement of going to Wellington for the awards show and meeting all the other designers……. I came home thinking of ideas for 2016.

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