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Project 1

Acrylic on canvas, 610mm x 450mm

​A quiet little space to work and dream. The shaft of sunlight transforms a mundane window into a work of art. Beauty is everywhere if you seek it out.

Slipping quickly from the last painting into the next, our friend the hare goes almost unnoticed.


“#5 the attic ”

Giclee Print

All prints are giclée quality – the best digital print technology available. Archival inks, cold press watercolour paper and colour correction by industry experts from Copyart, Richmond,. Your artwork will be checked and packed into a tube ready to be framed by you.

Limited edition full size print $225 inc p&p in NZ

One of a signed limited edition of 50

Printed area 610mm x 450mm with 20mm border

If you want a different size, please use contact page for a custom size and price.


Original Available $1,800


  the attic    



Auckland  2019  the good father


The good father drove home in the central Auckland traffic, waiting in gridlock he caught himself grinding his teeth.  What a soul-destroying day at the office; meetings meandered and the clock moved at glacial pace. He had never imagined this might be his life. He was now a character in a 90’s American sitcom. Canned laughter because God only knew there was nothing funny about this. 


He found his mind wandering to a favourite daydream, he and Ellie on a Harley Davidson on route 66. The wind in their hair. Her arms tightly around his waist. 

A loud honk from the car behind told him the traffic was moving again. 


As a boy he’d loved to hide away in the attic, use his father’s old drafting table and pretend to be a famous scientist. He had loved books and words, but most of all it was numbers which fascinated him. He would write sequences of numbers and make drawings out of their shapes. He’d created fascinating complex patterns and then it was natural for him to take maths at University and he had made beautiful solutions to seemingly impossible problems. 


And then, and then, it felt as if life had made choices for him. He’d fallen hard and fast for his first serious girlfriend Ellie and then an unexpected baby on the way.  His meagre Phd grant wasn’t going to support them. Accountancy literally added up to be a pragmatic solution and it paid the bills and put a roof over their heads. He’d turned out to be good at it and was climbing that ladder, but of course the ladder was against the wrong wall.  

Maybe later he might step back to the door which he’d slammed shut and finish what he started. If he’d completed his Phd he could have joined the faculty and worked with like-minded people. But he hated self pity and wasn’t going down that worm hole. As the traffic moved again he told himself that he had made his own decisions. They had talked and decided to keep the baby and with each decision, one after another, he forged his own path which had brought him to this moment in this time. And when he arrived at home and stepped in the door, the golden child would run into his outstretched arms shouting “Dad- deee “ And for that one perfect moment everything else would fall away.

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