Project 1

Acrylic, 1010mm x 760mm


After painting Blue Chaise in a neutral colour scheme I ended up in total lockdown - just looking at recent paintings on my wall. I began to envision a dark red wall and started painting on top of the original. A potentially dangerous move, but I think it turned out OK and it's fun to experiment. Funny how a colour can completely change the mood of a room.

“Blue Chaise in a Red Room”

Print Options & Prices

All prints are giclée quality – the best digital print technology available


1. Limited edition full size print $300 inc p&p in NZ

One of a signed limited edition of 150

Printed area 1010mm x 760mm with 20mm border

Highest quality watercolour paper and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

2. Price friendly prints 

Same quality printing and paper as above only smaller. Actual printed area 400mm x 300fmm with small border. Note at this price it does not include the matt.


3. Framing tip for the smaller prints 

Professional framing easily costs more than the print. One option is to buy a ready-made frame (500mm x 400mm) and then only use a framer for cutting the custom-sized matt. Or if you're lucky the matt sold with the frame might already be the right size.


 $95 inc p&p in NZ & AUS - enquire cost for other countries. 


Original Available $1950

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