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Project 1


Acrylic, 610mm x 910mm

This painting was commissioned by a customer who had a long and close connection with the building. Formerly an area high school, it now lives on as a museum. The bollards in the foreground and passing cars etc were not wanted, rather the beauty of symmetry was to be the main story. The customer is always right! 


“Motueka Museum, Tasman”

Commission Options & Prices


Original Sold

 The idea of commissioning a painting might feel a bit daunting.  In reality it's no harder than arranging for any household job to be done by a contractor. 

If you lived nearby I would visit. If at a distance I would work from photographs. We agree what view and size is wanted. Then I would do a sketch to clarify what the image is to look like and agree a price. 

Only if you want to proceed, do we go to the next stage where a deposit is paid, and I undertake the work. But if you are unhappy with the final result I would take all reasonable effort to make it to your satisfaction.

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