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Project 1


Ink and coloured pencil, 300mm x 400mm

So a very different style to a painting, this architectural style sketch has a fresh but old-world feel. And they are fun to do for a change from painting. 

The price is variable depending on size and complexity but a small bach such as this would start at a few hundred dollars.


“Bach, Golden Bay, Tasman”

Commission Options & Prices


 The idea of commissioning a painting might feel a bit daunting.  In reality it's no harder than arranging for any household job to be done by a contractor. 

If you lived nearby I would visit. If at a distance I would work from photographs. We agree what view and size is wanted. Then I would do a sketch to clarify what the image is to look like and agree a price. 

Only if you want to proceed, do we go to the next stage where a deposit is paid, and I undertake the work within an agreed timeline. But if you are unhappy with the final result I would take all reasonable effort to make it to your satisfaction.

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