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Project 1

Acrylic, 610mm x 910mm

​A little boy sleeps in a cosy old armchair. He is the picture of childhood innocence. The view outside is in black and white in deference to the generations whose photographs captured every scene in black and white. 

The hares having a tea party is available as a separate smaller print. See gallery.

#6 "the golden child”

Giclee Print

All prints are giclée quality – the best digital print technology available. Archival inks, cold press watercolour paper and colour correction by industry experts from Copyart, Richmond,. Your artwork will be checked and packed into a tube ready to be framed by you.

Limited edition full size print $400 inc p&p in NZ

One of a signed limited edition of 50

Printed area 610mm x 910mm with 20mm border

If you want a different size, please use contact page for a custom size and price.


Original Available $2,500

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Auckland 2019  


“I was a little far out all my life and

Not waving, but drowning”   Stevie Smith


Whilst the golden child was sleeping, he dreamed. He dreamed of running along the beach on a sunny day with a crispy sea. Gambolling through the shallow waves he was skipping forwards, running backwards, joyful as a spring hare. Running back to where he had left mummy. Running back to where …..there was now an empty space. 

Dread clutched his heart, he couldn’t breathe, everything spun, then stopped and there he was - alone. He desperately scanned the sea of picnic blankets, chilly bins, families - all looking the same. He couldn’t spot the familiar red and green blanket or beach towels. He couldn’t see daddy asleep with a book over his face. Hot tears filled his eyes as first he walked, and then he ran, along the beach frantically searching and calling out, “Mum -meee …mum -meeee…”


The dream now nightmare, the familiar beach scene started moving further away from him as if it were on a film screen and he was being taken further and further away from it. And then it was pitch dark.

 He was in the sea and it was no longer water but a roiling mix of monsters with arms reaching out to grab him. The sea monsters were everywhere until he could see nothing else and a gnarled hand reached out…


 Suddenly, with a feeling of falling, he awoke. His heart clattered and he was dragging in huge breaths. Slowly taking in his surroundings, he felt the comforting arms of his favourite chair. He lay there remembering the broken pieces of his nightmare. Lying there curled like a cat and hugging his teddy for dear life.


Ellie came in to wake him from his nap.  “Did you have a lovely sleep little one?”

And he clutched at her as if a drowning boy in the waves

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