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Project 1

Acrylic, 610mm x 910mm

"We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time"

                                   T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"

This serene view brings us full circle and shows painting #1 once more, after the passage of time. It's not a doomsday scenario, as evidenced by the light-filled colour palette. But whilst our minds were elsewhere in the busyness of life - the tide has inexorably come in.

#13 reflections

Giclee Print

All prints are giclée quality – the best digital print technology available. Archival inks, cold press watercolour paper and colour correction by industry experts from Copyart, Richmond,. Your artwork will be checked and packed into a tube ready to be framed by you.

Limited edition full size print $400 inc p&p in NZ

One of a signed limited edition of 50

Printed area 610mm x 910mm with 20mm border

If you want a different size, please use contact page for a custom size and price.


Original sold

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Auckland  2018  Elinor 



Dear Peter, Sam, Bertie and Mary,


So I’m writing this today on my 95th birthday and underneath this note will be a “eulogy” of sorts to be read out at my funeral. Some may think I shouldn’t be concerning my self with such things but when you reach 95 its not morbid to be planning for your death. You’re pretty sure to be getting towards the check out date. And I don’t want to be leaving a mess behind for you children. So I will explain a long story in a short way. 


Your father wanted nothing to do with his family. He had his reasons. He was an only child, as you know, and had a loving mother who died when he was young. I thought his father had died before we met but it turned out he was still alive, although getting dementia and didn’t give up the fight until 1965. It was only after your father died that I learnt he had left quite a fortune. Your father must have not known what to do with it so he put it into an investment account and left it there. 

I leave it to you. Even split between you and no squabbling!


I love you all so much,



Mum xxxx




                                                                                                      Date to be determined

Hello everyone


I am so sorry I’m not here. Because I gather, or rather I hope, that there are a lot of people here I’d have loved to have seen before I died.  But that’s life isn’t it? You don’t exactly know when you’ll be checking out.


I have already lived to a grand old age. So this isn’t a sad occasion. I’ve lived through the second world war, married William and after having three sons we came over from England. We never regretted our decision and were proud to raise four children as kiwis.  They in turn have had their own children and one of the great joys of my later life has been keeping up with them all through text messages and the family WhatsApp group. If you are saying “what’s a WhatsApp group?“ then you need to  get yourselves to senior net. If I can learn it at my age then I’m sure you can.


Raising children was my life for many a year and we had some great times as a family. We tried to give them roots to keep them grounded and wings ready to fly the nest. I was overjoyed as they launched in their different directions, even if I did miss them sorely. But a new chapter opened up and I went back to school. One of my proudest occasions was when I got my English degree in my sixties and they all came to cheer for me. Sadly I didn’t have my dear William by my side for the last few years. But I would say I absorbed his strength and soldiered on. 


Finally, I’d like to leave you with a few thoughts I’ve gathered over my lifetime. 

Your family and friends are life’s greatest treasures. 

Be kind to everyone you meet, it costs you nothing and might just make their day.

I could go on but a good speech is a short speech and I expect they’ve laid on a nice afternoon tea for you all.  


I have loved and been loved. And that is enough. 


Nga mihi me te aroha nui

Love and best wishes      



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